Hello, I’m Myranda, I make websites and art.

I have over 5 years of professional experience in web design, front-end WordPress development, brand design, print design, and photography. My drawings alter between realism and whimsical aesthetics. I strive to achieve technical detail and am drawn to feminine and natural forms. My ideas and influences come from psychedelic and dream-like concepts found in tattoo art, murals, and music.

User Interface Design

Paired with UX knowledge, I have a strong practice with UI in responsive web design and mobile applications.

From sitemaps to wireframes, high fidelity prototypes to front-end development, WordPress and analytics. My experience is to build b-to-c sites with the goal of conversion and brand awareness.

Branding & Marketing Material

I build custom logo designs, business cards, print materials, brand manuals, and so much more.

I help small to medium sized businesses establish their brand with clean and modern design.

Photography & Illustrations

Since discovering my passion for photography at 15yrs old and buying my first DSLR camera, I have been practicing portrait and nature photography as a hobby.

I enjoy drawing and digital artwork as well, this has helped me as a designer by practicing technical skills and exercising my creative muscle at free will.