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I threw $7.00 at Fiverr to write me a blog post. Mostly because I was curious and wanted to see what kind of quality I could get over at that side of the market. So they asked me what keywords to use, so I came up with some obvious ones that relate to my industry and would potentially help with my rankings if anyone searched “Freelance designer”, “Branding”, etc..

The outcome is very template-y, bland English, and corny. Some of the info is agreeable, but not the way I would present it – so I’ll have to do a remake in the future when I have more time to write my own!

I will not be using this tactic for future postings, as I want only genuine and relative content. But anyways, here’s the article that came out of my coffee budget:

The Article

If you’re initiating a new occupation, re-branding or donating your knowledge to investors, your business logo is one of the most important parts in the helm of your corporate uniqueness and it’s critical that you employ a freelance logo designer to decorate the flawless picture for your corporation.

While you might be interested in a DIY logo program it is also significant to remember that the company logo cannot be just defined as a pretty image and a lovely color scheme – it’s basically the first impression that is presented to your target audience. And as you know well, you will never get another chance of making a first impression again.

Reasons why one should employ a Freelance Logo Designer?

Once you hire a professional graphic designer, who has specialized in logo design to generate your brand identity, you’re actually engaging a person with the graphic design talent necessary to make your company logo attractive. In addition to that, you are also using his diverse ability-set.

There are several benefits of getting a freelance logo designer for brand design. While you may have a selection of logo designers from one of the many graphic design businesses that are there, you’ll be in the marketplace to pay many thousand for logo design when compared to a mere few hundred from a freelance logo developer.

A freelance logo creator will cost you a portion of the price and will also make sure your budget remains on your track; they demand a smaller amount as they have lower expenses as they are self-employed and can easily work from home.

One more benefit of employing a freelance logo designer is that they are easily available. Any logo design work can be done within your provided time span that additionally gives you a fast turnaround for your brand enhancement. Freelancers aren’t limited to work only from Monday to Friday so when their creativeness starts to pour, you actually receive the total profit of this.

So following are the briefly listed out the benefits of hiring top logo designers from Freelancer:


I will never use Fiverr again – and neither should you.

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