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This is about my 5th myrandawicks.ca website re-make, so welcome to this version. It’s got a homepage portfolio, this blog, and a simple contact page.

I’ve added a new blog as I’m in a new chapter, now living in Vancouver, BC from Calgary.

Notes to self:


I’m a graphic designer who focuses on user interface design (UI/UX), branding, and print design. I went to school at SAIT for New Media Production and Design. I seriously love design, and I dedicate a lot of my time to my pursuit.

I have a cat Diane, I like to visit the beach with friends on the weekend, and I really dig sushi – but not the raw kind.

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What blog posts are coming?

I thought I’d start up a blog again because of one main reason, exposure. Posting fresh content on your website really helps with SEO – aka Google Search rankings. Potential opportunities are more likely to come my way if I can project myself as a growing artist, and be able to grow an online network. It’s 2017, everything is online.

Some categories of topics I will be posting are:

I don’t quite have a stash of ideas at this moment. To be honest – I don’t like to write, but I am learning as I go! English class was the most dreaded subject for me in school. Although I’m considered a ‘creative’, I think very technically and objectively – so let’s see how this goes!

Stay tuned

Thanks for tuning in to my first blog post on version 5.0 of my website! Please stay in my loop so you don’t miss out any future goodies. Please post a comment below so I know someone’s out there!!



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