Project Showcase: Branding and Web Design for Vancouver Robotics Company

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Marginally Clever Robots is a Vancouverian robotics company I have had the pleasure of working with to spruce up their brand and redesign their e-commerce website.

Brand Guide

I was asked to create a brand bible for MCR, so I purposed to also recreate their moon logo and improve their wordmark. Take a look at a couple of spreads from the dozen-paged brand guide.


Business Cards

An additional part of the branding consisted of designing some business card options for cost-effective prints. To follow the new brand style, I pitched three different card designs to purpose a variety of layouts. The final form is shown as the last one in these images:


Website Design & Development was in need of better usability, branding, and overall UI/UX improvements. Marginally Clever had a series of 4 or 5 different websites to represent their areas of services and products, and our goal was to unify these sites into one user experience.

Amongst a lot of fine planning with the cooperation of the client, I was then responsible for the site mapping, wireframing, prototyping, and WordPress development.

Sitemap Design




Screen Designs


Front-end WordPress Development

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